About Wetton Parish Council

Parish Councillors

Mark Goodridge (Chair)               01335 310123

Margaret Hodgkinson                   01335 310244

Denise Noble                                01355 310540 (co-opted January 2017)

Lucy Powis                                   01355 310560 (co-opted June 2016)

Graham Stubbs                            01335 310202

Carol Kimberley                            01335 310182 (co-opted December 2018)

Diane Higton      01335 310      (co-opted March 2019)



Parish Clerk

Stephen Mansfield
The Old Shippon
Under the Hill
Glutton Bridge
Earl Sterndale
Buxton SK17 0RN
email to swmde52@yahoo.co.uk
01298 83308

The Parish Council can be contacted through the "contact us" page.


The Parish Council has no committees.

Code of Conduct

Wetton Parish Council has a Code of Conduct Code of Conduct.pdf

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